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Consumer and Worker Protection

Credit: The Providence Journal, Published on Mar 21, 2012

Rhode Islanders work hard and they expect the state’s economy to give them their fair shot at opportunity and economic security. But there are some businesses that cut corners and wind up harming Rhode Islanders. As Attorney General, I’ll protect Rhode Islanders from companies that break the rules, engage in deception or fraud, and take advantage of workers. When these businesses cross the line, they hurt Rhode Island consumers as well as their competitors that play by the rules.

When it comes to standing up for consumers against companies that are rigging the system in their favor, I know the Attorney General can make a difference. When I was U.S. Attorney, we investigated foreign pharmacies using Google’s advertising platform to peddle unsafe prescription drugs to Rhode Islanders and across the country. Because of our investigation, Google agreed to forfeit $500 million, and to change its behavior for good. These are real results that made Rhode Islanders and our economy safer.

That’s why I’ll prioritize consumer and worker protection as Attorney General. Our economy’s growth depends on free and fair competition. We all lose when some businesses take anti-competitive steps to stifle innovation, concentrate economic power, and unfairly restrict their employees from getting better jobs and raising their wages. As Attorney General, I’ll investigate these anti-competitive business practices, bring civil actions against violators and, when necessary, use criminal enforcement tools to protect Rhode Islanders.

I’ll also dedicate more resources to protecting Rhode Islanders from the rising threat of identity theft. Recent data breaches and the mishandling of personal information by companies like Equifax, Target, and even Facebook make clear that we need better privacy protections for consumers. Rhode Islanders trusted these companies and the businesses didn’t hold up their end of the bargain. As Attorney General, I’ll hold accountable those that mishandle sensitive information and violate the privacy of Rhode Islanders.

Finally, in weakening important federal regulators like the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the Department of Labor, the Trump Administration has put the interests of Wall Street over working families in Rhode Island and across the country. As they stand down, I’ll join other Attorneys General in standing up to protect consumers and workers. We’ll fight in the courts, at the State House, and in Washington to make sure that all consumers are safe from fraud and abusive business practices.